58: Watch Dogs 2

Episode Notes

Telltale making a Guardians of the Galaxy game

Scump, IW is “sloppy” and unpolished -prefers MWR “Worst Call of Duty game made”

  • OG not going to PSX due to low prize pool and general frustrations in IW
  • Infinite Warfare down almost 50% sales from Black Ops 3

Watch Dog 2’s Genitalia Mishap

Mario Run App date released. Nintendo Shares jumped by 5%

  • Breath of the Wild delayed, no March release with Switch

Sony Hacking problems. Accounts locked out and money spent

Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher affair on star wars set.

Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford had “intense” affair during Star Wars

Uncharted 4 most nominated game for The Game Awards in 2016

Emilia Clarke joins cast of Han Solo movie

FFXV leaked in South America. Day one Patch CONFIRMED


56: Doctor Strange

56: Dr. Strange
WiiU stops production on Nov. 4 (False)

Next Tomb Raider leaked via subway?

No Man’s Sky official twitter account hacked.

Kylo Ren and Rey had not met before episode 7 says JJ Abrams

Sombra trailer released

  • Teleport ability, EMP, Submachine gun, Invisibility
  • Arcade Mode

Battlefield 1 outsells Battlefield 4 and Hardline combined

57: Bethesda Media Policy and Good Games We Just Can’t Get Into

Show Notes

57: Bethesda and Good Games we can’t get into

IGN gives Infinite Warfare a 7.7

Tom Holland signed on as Spider-Man for four more times.

Nintendo confirms production stops for Wii U (read link update)

Bethesda Review Syndrome:

Dishonored 2 (2016) 89 on Metacritic

Skyrim: Special Edition (2016) 80 (Average) Skyrim (2011) 94 Average

Doom (2016) 86 (Average)

Fallout 4 (2015) 86 (Average)

Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014) 80 (Average)

Battlefield 1 (2016) 88 Average

Titanfall 2 (2016) 88 Average

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (2016) 76

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (2016) 83

Madden NFL 17 (2016) 82

NBA 2K17 (2016) 89

Bioshock: The Collection (2016) 84

Forza Horizon 3 (2016) 88

No Man’s Sky (2016) 65

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (2016) 88

Watch Dogs 2 (2016) ??

Final Fantasy 15 (2016?) ??

The Last of Us (2014) 95

Ratchet and Clank (2016) 85

Uncharted 4 (2016) 93

The Witcher 3 (2015) 92

Overwatch (2016) 91

The Division (2016) 80

Dark Souls III (2016) 88

55: Asemblance and Star Wars Fan Theories

Show Notes

Youtube getting live TV?

Titanfall 2 has dropped to mostly positive reviews

Skyrim special edition has released with mods. Mods are limited on PS4 no “Original” mods. PS4 has two thirds fewer mods than microsoft platforms. Sony doesn’t allow mods that add or drastically change gameplay. They have limited the file size for mods to 1GB and do not allow scripts, audio files, or textures.   You’ll need to create a bethesda.net account to access mods.

Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshots are dropped to show mt. Olympus. They probably heard our predictions and are trying to suppress our theory.

Revisiting Episode 8 Fan-Theories

  1. Rey Kenobi
  2. Rey Solo?
  3. Snoke is Darth Plagueis
  4. Rey was created by Snoke
  5. Finn is Mace Windu’s son
  6. Why did Luke exile himself? Dark Side?
  7. Knights of Ren are some of Luke’s old students

54: The Nintendo Switch

54: The Nintendo Switch

Logan Trailer

Tim Miller leaves Deadpool 2 after “creative differences with Ryan Reynolds”

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer

  • Releasing Fall 2017, could be prequel to Red Dead Redemption 1, which took place in 1911 and dealt with the ending of the West.
  • Playstation Exclusivity with early access to select online features.

Large DDos attack on US Friday

Taking out popular services like Netflix, Etsy, Reddit, Twitter, and PSN, one of the largest DDoS attacks on the US and Europe happen on Friday, October 21. Also affected was Amazon Web Service which is used by over 1 million companies, including GE, Newscorp, and Capital One. As far as I can tell, no responsibility as been claimed, but the White House and Department of Homeland Security is looking into it. Could be PoodleCorp, Lizard Squad, or even Russia, however, PoodleCorp did say in September that they would be taking down the Battlefield 1 servers on October 21, but this was much larger than that.

Voice actors on strike

On October 21, 2016 the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists or SAG-AFTRA has gone on strike after nearly 2 years of negotiations with video game companies. SAG- AFTRA is a union consisting of about 25% of all voice actors for video games. The strike is set to target large video game companies such as: Activision, Disney Character Voices, EA, Insomniac, Take-Two and WB Games. Union workers have gone on strike against any game that was started after February 17, 2015, anything before that was protected under a No Strike Clause.

During negotiations, SAG-AFTRA was looking for a pay increases from $100/hr to around $200/hr, No more than 2 continuous hours of “vocally stressful” recordings, a lack of secrecy from gaming companies (actors have complained that they don’t know what roles or games they are even auditioning for) and an increase in overall pay based on specific sales figures of games. The union workers would like to receive additional full scale payments for every 500,000 copies of the game sold, maxing out at 4 payments at 2 million copies sold.  

Video Game Companies offered a 9% wage increase and a maximum of $950 per game based on number of voice acting sessions. This can equate up to a 23% increase in wage for some actors. Gaming companies are also requesting a fine against SAG-AFTRA if there is not an agent representing the union worker during all auditions, fines can range to “tens of thousands of dollars.” They also want the ability to fine the actors themselves $1,000 if they do not show up on time or are not fully invested in the voice work.

There is a picket scheduled on Monday, October 24 at EA’s California offices.

Nintendo Switch info

  • Nintendo Stock down after announcement of Switch
  • Concept? Console and mobile
  • Is there a battery that will be able to support this vision?
  • Internet connectivity?
  • What does the 3rd party support look like? Bethesda, squareenix, EA, Activision, havok, Konami, SEGA, oppsiesoft, Capcom etc.
  • Wii u had similar support when launched and slipped away with low sales numbers.
  • https://www.destructoid.com/nintendo
  • Switch will not be compatible with wiiu and 3ds physical games.
  • The switch will support Amiibos

53:Westworld and Rogue One Trailer

53: Westworld and Rogue One 2

New Wolverine movie titled “Logan” releasing March 3rd, 2017

Rockstar tweets out red logo

Iron Fist release date March 17, 2017

Esports console player of the year

Mods are coming to PS4 for Skyrim and Fallout 4!

It appears Sony and Bethesda came to an agreement and mods will officially be coming to Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4 on PS4! However, there are still a few restrictions. Mods can only encapsulate assets and attributes that are native to said games. Popular mods like making all the dragons in Skyrim skinned like Thomas the Tank Engine or adding Darth Vader armor will still be restricted to PC and Xbox One. Mods will be coming to Skyrim before they will be released on Fallout 4. Skyrim Special Edition will also render at 4K to take advantage of the PS4 Pro.

Hackers from the 2014 PSN/ Xbox Live outage arrested

2 hackers from the infamous hacking group Lizard Squad were arrested recently being charged with “conspiring to cause damage to protected computers.” Being tied to the PSN and Xbox Live outage in 2014, maximum sentencing for such offenses is 10 years in prison.

Beyond Good and Evil free for a month, sequel announced

Long awaited sequel of Beyond Good and Evil, a Ubisoft action-adventure game released in 2003 has officially been announced. After being denied production in 2008, Ubisoft’s Michael Ancel has stated that the team has started pre-production and will be starting from scratch. Beyond Good and Evil is free on Uplay until the end of October.

Hungrybox quits his engineering job to pursue Melee full time

Arguably the best melee player in the world currently, Team Liquid’s Hungrybox has decided to pursue Melee full-time. Quitting his full-time engineering job, Hungrybox says he will be playing Melee, Streaming, and studying Computer Programming full time. Despite a rough placing of 5th at Big House 6, Hungrybox has an incredible record to show for including a first place finish at Evo 2016.

PewDiePie gets the Last Guardian early

  • Same gameplay as shown at E3 2015.
  • The pet acts like a pet, so it doesn’t listen and kind of does whatever it wants.
  • Pewds was very impressed with the animations of the main character.


Rise of the Tomb Raider

Indigo Prophecy

Star Wars the Old Republic trailer

Rogue One Trailer

52: Luke Cage

52: Luke Cage

Luke Cage Spoilers

Episodes 1 & 2:

Timeline: Takes place after Jessica Jones but not sure if before or after Daredevil season 2

Mention of the “Incident” (Avengers 2012)

Reference to Jessica Jones

Pop calls Luke “Power Man”

Turk is a recurring character in all Netflix Marvel properties (tells Cottonmouth where Chico is) Gunrunner in Daredevil

Music in Cottonmouth’s club is FANTASTIC

Episode 3:
Luke assaults Crispus Attucks, fighting choreography is kinda lame

  • Big action set piece but Luke isn’t ever in danger
  • Big sweeping motions where Luke hits multiple guys at once instead of just dominating person after person. Would have preferred to see a larger show of force

When in the hospital room with Chico, the show has a very soap opera feel

  • Not sure if I like the director

Woman detective and white detective argue about vigilantism, call back to Civil War

White detective is shown to be on Cottonmouth’s payroll

At the end of the episode, Cottonmouth shoots an RPG at Luke at Genghis Connie’s

  • Completely destroys all credibility of the show to this point
  • Too cartoony

Episode 4: Origin episodes

Prison cell fight (shades and someone else) was way better than Crispus Attucks fight

The end of episode 3 and the middle of 4 show that the only way to hurt Cage is to hurt his friends

Episode 5:

Cottonmouths’ club music changes to hip hop/ rap/ Drake

Confirmed to take place after Season 2 of Daredevil by Clair talking to her mom

Thor gets mentioned the most of all Avengers, would he be the most noticeable?

51: The Magnificent 7

51: Magnificent 7

Phillies 76ers are the first North American professional sports team to acquire an esports team(s), buying Dignitas and Apex, 2 LoL teams.

On September 26, the CEO Scott O’Niel of the Philedelphia 76ers, finalizes the acquisition of United Kingdom eSports team Dignitas and Apex, becoming the first North American sports team to own an esports team. Dignitas has been an esport team for over 10 years, competing in Counterstrike, League of Legends, Overwatch, Smite, and Heroes of the Storm. Michael Rubin, owner of the largest sports fan retailer in the country, Fanatics, is also a majority partner of the 76ers, which could lead to an influx of eSports jerseys in the mainstream market. Scott O’Niel (CEO) joins others in the ownership and partnership of sports with esports. Others in the market include; Rick Fox owner of Echo Fox (Signed Mew2King), Shaq, Alex Rodriguez and other owners of the Sacramento Kings are partners with NRG eSports. The acquisition of Dignitas and Apex are rumored to cost between $5 – $15 million.

Magic Johnson buys Team Liquid, all of it

The majority stock of Team Liquid, one of the most recognizable eSports teams in the world, has been purchased by quite a few people:
The investing co-ownership group includes:

  • Monumental Sports & Entertainment – One of the largest sports and entertainment companies in the country, Monumental owns and operates professional sports teams such as the NHL’s Washington Capitals, NBA’s Washington Wizards, WNBA’s Washington Mystics and the AFL’s Washington Valor
  • Magic Johnson – Hall of Fame basketball player and serial entrepreneur
  • Steve Case – Chairman & CEO Revolution, Co-Founder of AOL
  • Donn Davis – Co-Founder of Revolution and Managing Partner of Revolution Growth
  • Dick Glover – Representing Mandalay Sports Media and their current President and CEO, former EVP of ESPN, former CEO Funny or Die.
  • Tony Robbins – Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and life & business strategist
  • NextVR – Industry leading VR company specializing in live VR sporting events for FOX Sports, NBC Sports, HBO/Golden Boy, etc.
  • Alan Shapiro – CEO of Dick Clark productions
  • Mike Mahan – President of Dick Clark Productions
  • Lon Rosen – EVP, Chief Marketing Officer of the Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Tucker Kain – CFO, Los Angeles Dodgers and Managing Director, Guggenheim Baseball
  • Rick Welts – President, COO of the Golden State Warriors
  • Brandon Schneider – SVP Business Development of the Golden State Warriors
  • Kirk Lacob – Assistant General Manager at Golden State Warriors, Co-founder of imoji
  • Harry Tsao – General Partner of Juvo Capital, Co-founder of Juvo+
  • Paul Schaeffer – Vice Chairman, COO of the Mandalay Entertainment Group
  • Jason Sugarman – Founder, Chairman, CEO of Valor Group Holdings
  • Blake Byers – General Partner of Google Ventures (GV)
  • Chad Byers – Co-founder and General Partner of Susa Ventures
  • Mark Scher – Founder, Principal of Scher Investment Group
  • Jordan Rambis – VP Development IDW, tech/esports consultant
  • Fred Schaufeld – Managing Director SWaN & Legend Venture Partners
  • Zachary Leonsis – VP and General Manager of Monumental Sports Network
  • Eric Lefkofsky – Co-founder of Groupon, Innerworkings, Echo, Uptake Technologies and Lightbank
  • Brad Keywell – Co-founder of Groupon, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Lightbank, CEO of Uptake Technologies.
  • Lerner Enterprises – Managing principal owners of the Washington Nationals MLB team, Owners of Lerner Enterprises
  • Tom Kartsotis – Founder, CEO of Bedrock Manufacturing (owner of Shinola and Filson), founder of FOSSIL
  • Russ Ramsey – Chairman, CEO of Ramsey Asset Management, co-founder of investment firm Friedman, Billings, Ramsey
  • Jeong Kim – Chairman of Kiswe Mobile; Former President of Bell Labs
  • Mark Ein – Chairman of Kastle System, CEO Capitol Acquisition Corp, Founder and Owner of World TeamTennis franchise the Washington Kastles
  • Crane Kenney – President Baseball Operations, Chicago Cubs
  • Larry Barden – Chair, Management Committee at Sidley Austin LLP
  • Dhani Jones – Entrepreneur; Investor; TV Host; Former NFL Linebacker
  • Tony Nader – Managing Director SWaN & Legend Venture Partners
  • Paul Strauss – EVP Mandalay Pictures

Current Co-CEOs and owners Steve Arhancet and Victor Goossens will remain and will also be directors. Peter Guber and Ted Leonsis will act as Executive Chairman of their new esports ownership group, aXiomatic.

Playstation Experience (PSX) coming December 2-3, 2016

No Man’s Sky under investigation for False Advertising in the UK

  • Advertising Standards Authority
  • UI Design, Flowing Water, Large Scale Combat, size of creatures, behaviour of ships and sentinels, and aiming systems, among other things.
  • This comes off the back of Yoshida stating he disliked the promises from Sean Murray

The Lion King is getting remastered by Jon Favreau, possible Jungle Book-esque

  • Jungle Book takes in nearly $1 Billion at box office worldwide
  • Lion King will be all CGI, no actors.

Ben Affleck is calling the new Batman movie “The Batman”

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales 2017

  • Features the return of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow
  • Orlando Bloom as Will Turner
  • Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa

Magnificent 7 Spoilers Below

General Thoughts:

– Comparison to the original source material, Seven Samurai and Magnificent 7

  1. Had a good separation of all character types and cultures
  2. Black, Confederate, Asian, Indian, Redneck/Hunter/Survivalist, Mexican, C. Pratt -This seems to contrast with Seven Samurai (maybe) as not all of those fighters were completely different, but maybe that’s racist. BUT that also has to do with the difference in the geographical locations (Japan/Old West)
  3. Too many jokes for the tone of the film, but that can be expected with Pratt
  4. Costumes were good. Scenery and background was good.
  5. Rose Creek reminded me of Armadillo form Red Dead Redemption.
  6. What was the point of the pinwheel, explosive markers? No one could see them.
  7. The final group were 3 very different people going on different paths. Is that good or bad?
  8. Would the gatling gun be that effective at that range? I don’t think so. It wasn’t even lined up correctly with the town.
  9. I think I prefer Seven Samurai, it feels better when it’s all hand to hand combat. The number deficit feels that much larger and it’s easier to assume that no one would die so easily from a bullet.
  10. Chris Pratt gets shot and it hardly affects him.
  11. After Chris Pratt gets shot, the Mexican overkills the guy that shot Pratt. I guess this is to show that their bond has grown?

– When freeing the miners, who sniped all the guards? Goodnight? Cause later he goes on to say how much the violence still lives on in him and how he doesn’t like it.

– No real romance throughout, which is nice to see

Character Thoughts:

Denzel’s character

– Invulnerable

– Personal vendetta works against the spirit of the film

– Explodes his horse through a wooden and glass wall

– Can speak Comanche but no one else can

– When the indian says the enemy will arrive at dawn, it isn’t translated

Chris Pratt  as Joshua Faraday

– Glad to see Chris Pratt can die in a movie

– Has the King of Hearts on his gravestone but no one knew about his affiliation with that card. ALSO, how is that not damaged from the dynamite?

– Glad to see him die, but I don’t like the way he died

– Not enough backstory on him, or any others

– What does he bring to the team that the others don’t? Is he the best shot? Best rider? Fastest talker? Strategist?
– Why does Denzel want him to be there?

– Has a thing for his horse, so does that make him the best rider?

Vincent Donofrio as religious zealot

– Is a religious nut? But not really that nutty.

– Hated his voice. Hard to understand.

– What was his schtick? Hunting? Tracking? He used to hunt indians for the government but now he doesn’t?

– He was introduced as unintelligent but that didn’t seem to stick.

– Had a stand-off with the evil indian at the end, but was that supposed to mean anything?

– When he dies, does he look up to Heaven and then realize he is going to Hell?

– I like when zealous nuts spout scripture in movies to show how crazy they are but it didn’t seem to have that effect with him. Partly because he was hard to understand but also be he didn’t seem too convicted.

– Why did his gravestone have the pinwheel marker? Was that his idea?

Jose, Javi, Miguel (Mexican)

– Nothing much to say about him. He shot things.

– He dual-weld, which means that that isn’t Chris Pratt’s thing.

– Was a criminal but fought for his freedom (but only from Denzel)

– Also, why didn’t he just kill Denzel and the woman when they all first met?

– What’s his motivation?


  • Facepaint is inconsistent, has it one, then has it off.
  • Brought a bow and arrow to a gunfight, but had a gun the whole time
  • Was sent to recon while the town was getting rebuilt. Is this because he terrified the settlers or because he didn’t speak english well so that was his best use? Or because he can live off the land better than the rest.
  • I would assume that he is a better tracker than Donofrio’s character
  • Didn’t scalp a single person
  • Had a big boss fight with the evil Indian but that was anticlimactic.


  • Confederate fighter
  • Afraid of his acts in war, but can still shoot.
  • Leaves at the end for some reason, Han Solo?
  • Literally shoots a man while his horse is jumping over a blockade
  • Snipes all the miner guards?
  • I guess his flask is super important to him. So much so that they put it on his grave although the only person that presumably knew that was Billy Rock.
  • Is a good character and fits a niche role of the sniper.
  • Could have sniped the gatling gun people.

Billy Rock

  • Good ole Chinaman.
  • Hand to hand combat expert.
  • Was told the story about how he took on 20 men barefisted but in the movie he always had his knives and guns.
  • Would have loved to see him fight a dozen men in the saloon unarmed.
  • Is just as good shooting at range as Goodnight and the girl
  • Had his knife holster custom-made, one can assume.
  • Pulled his hair pin out to kill that guy in the duel, but his hair didn’t fall down.
  • He stays and fights after Goodnight leaves and that’s never addressed.
  • There was never anything to suggest that they were anything but partners and it could be assumed that they would both leave.

50: The Impact of Game Delays

50: Effect of Game Delays

Founder of Oculus Rift runs an anti-clinton meme foundation

Great Games that have been delayed

Half-Life 2  (as of February 9, 2011, Half-Life 2 had sold over 12 million copies.)

We’re here to talk about Half-Life 2, a title in development for at least five years. Granted, the prolonged development cycle can mostly be attributed to Valve building a completely new engine, Source, from scratch for the project. It also didn’t help that a large chunk of the game’s source code was leaked shortly after being officially unveiled at E3 in 2003.

The combination of perfecting the game’s engine for launch and dealing with the gaping hole in security led Half-Life 2 to be delayed another year, making fans all the more anxious for the title.

Thankfully, the excruciating wait was worth it. Half-Life 2 is widely considered one of the greatest games ever made, on a technical, narrative and gameplay level. It’s a true gem of this industry, with its influence still being felt today. Now imagine if it was rushed to shelves instead? We could have a completely different gaming climate today if that were the case.

Grand Theft Auto IV (25 million (November 2012))

Grand Theft Auto IV was originally announced back at E3 2006, when Peter Moore, who was Microsoft’s Corporate VP of the Interactive Entertainment Business division at the time, rolled up his sleeve to reveal a mock GTA IV tattoo on his arm, signaling the game’s planned release for Xbox 360. Rockstar was gunning for an October 2007 release.

Unfortunately, neither Rockstar nor their parent company, Take-Two, believed they could hit that mark. GTA IV was then pushed back to April 2008, which is when the game finally did release for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (a PC version followed shortly thereafter in December 2008).

When all was said and done, it took over 3 years, 1000 people and $100 million to create Rockstar’s most ambitious Grand Theft Auto to date (not counting the upcoming GTA V). The extra development time seemed to pay off, though, as GTA IV set two entertainment industry records upon release – best single-day and seven-day totals for a video game (both have been smashed by the Call of Duty juggernaut since).


Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa (75K subs)

Development Began: 2001

Release Date: November 2nd, 2007

Reasoning: Richard Garritt boldly claimed that Tabula Rasa would be the be-all, end-all MMO that brought the Eastern and Western audiences together. Unfortunately, the game underwent a huge overhaul, lost 20% of its original team and 75% of its code had to be rewritten.

Was it Worth the Wait? No. Tabula Rasa closed its servers in 2009 and wasn’t the definitive MMO experience Garriott led us to believe it would be.

Too Human ( 790K)

Development Began: 1999

Release Date: August 19th, 2008

Reasoning: Too Human was originally intended to be released on the original PlayStation on four discs, before development switched to a GameCube version in 2000, and then an Xbox 360 version in 2005. It also didn’t help when developers Silicon Knights sued the creators of the game’s Unreal Engine 3, Epic Games, in 2007 for a “breach of contract.”

Was it Worth the Wait? No. Too Human released to poor reviews and underwhelming sales. Also, due to the dispute with Epic Games (which Epic won), Silicon Knights was forced to recall all unsold copies of the game in 2012 and destroy them.

No Man’s Sky? (3.5 million copies on PC and console in its first two days)

the week two numbers for No Mans Sky physical sales have fallen 81 percent week over week in the United Kingdom – as in, it sold 81 percent fewer copies than it did the first week.

49: Fall 2016 Game Releases and our Expectations

49: Fall 2016 Releases and Expectations

PS4 4.0 Update released

Lego Harry Potter Remaster, but only for PS4

Jessica Jones wins Emmy. First of all Marvel TV series

Chris Metzen retires from Blizzard. Worked on Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft, Overwatch

The Last Guardian DELAYED! History of Last Guardian delays

Assassin’s Creed Ezio collection Nov. 14. So much for no AC this year.

HBO is coming to PS4 (Party chat Game of Thrones?)

New Build