Underpaid Gamers Podcast is the brainchild of life-long gamers Justin and Tony. In their weekly podcast they bring relevant and entertaining commentary on gaming and entertainment.

Justin ABout UsJustin (Creator) – Justin is a life long gamer who specializes in the gaming genres or RPGs and RTSs. Some of his favorite games include The Last of Us, Final Fantasy IX, Uncharted, Eve Online, The Total War Franchise, and Homeworld. While a Sony fan at his core Justin is a member of the PC master race. An avid reader as well Justin primarily reads History, Sci-fi, and fantasy novels. His interests in movies spans into most genres, however, all other movies and franchises lay in the shadow of his interest in the Star Wars Universe.

Twitter: @justin_turpen

Tony About Us


Tony (Creator) – Tony’s interests in gaming started at a young age. Some of Tony’s favorite game genres include FPSs, fighting games, and RPGs. Primarily a console gamer Tony’s favorite game franchises are Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers and Square Enix’s Dragon Quest. On top of gaming Tony also has a deep love for Spiderman and the comic book universe.



Richie About us

Rich (Contributor) – Rich is a casual gamer, and has been as long as he can remember. He generally plays RPG’s, turn-based strategy, co-op, simulation, and indie games. His favorite games include Majora’s Mask, Eve Online, and Transistor. He’s a Nintendo/PC enthusiast. For him, the most important components of a game are good storytelling, good character writing, and intuitive game play. He’s married, and loves it. He a fan of D&D, and loves getting together to game with friends.