52: Luke Cage

52: Luke Cage

Luke Cage Spoilers

Episodes 1 & 2:

Timeline: Takes place after Jessica Jones but not sure if before or after Daredevil season 2

Mention of the “Incident” (Avengers 2012)

Reference to Jessica Jones

Pop calls Luke “Power Man”

Turk is a recurring character in all Netflix Marvel properties (tells Cottonmouth where Chico is) Gunrunner in Daredevil

Music in Cottonmouth’s club is FANTASTIC

Episode 3:
Luke assaults Crispus Attucks, fighting choreography is kinda lame

  • Big action set piece but Luke isn’t ever in danger
  • Big sweeping motions where Luke hits multiple guys at once instead of just dominating person after person. Would have preferred to see a larger show of force

When in the hospital room with Chico, the show has a very soap opera feel

  • Not sure if I like the director

Woman detective and white detective argue about vigilantism, call back to Civil War

White detective is shown to be on Cottonmouth’s payroll

At the end of the episode, Cottonmouth shoots an RPG at Luke at Genghis Connie’s

  • Completely destroys all credibility of the show to this point
  • Too cartoony

Episode 4: Origin episodes

Prison cell fight (shades and someone else) was way better than Crispus Attucks fight

The end of episode 3 and the middle of 4 show that the only way to hurt Cage is to hurt his friends

Episode 5:

Cottonmouths’ club music changes to hip hop/ rap/ Drake

Confirmed to take place after Season 2 of Daredevil by Clair talking to her mom

Thor gets mentioned the most of all Avengers, would he be the most noticeable?

Newscast 3: Star Trek, Overwatch, and a Daredevil game for PS2?!

Hannibal Buress joins Spider-Man Homecoming. Comedy?

Justice League to be released Nov. 17, 2017, stand alone

Marvel has unannounced plans for Console games.

  • Vs. Capcom contract expired in 2014
  • MOBA?

CEO Smash – Mang0 can’t go, HBox Wins Melee, ANTi wins Sm4sh

Genesis 4 gets more melee participants in one hour than all of Genesis 1

Bryan Cranston as Zordon in Power Rangers. Poster revealed

Mega Blocks and Destiny team up to build an IRL avatar

Comings and Goings of Netflix for July

Fallout New Vegas is now backwards compatible with Xbox One

Build-A-Bear has Star Trek

Star Trek Beyond trailer 3 just released

Torbjorn is getting his turrets nerfed on Consoles by 30% in mid to late July

Darth Vader original voice actor for Rogue One, James Earl Jones

Mighty No. 9 end credits are over 4 hours long, credits every backer from kickstarter

R-Rated BatvSup will be in 12 theatres across the US on June 27 only

Zelda producer would like to make a multiplayer game next

Animated Spider-Man movie December 2018 Phil Lord writing

– (Lego Movie, Jump Street, Han Solo Solo)

Activision CEO  aren’t changing a single thing about Infinite Warfare Fan Reaction

Collectible card game for mobile featuring Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, Futurama, King of the Hill, and American Dad.

More Fast and Furious on the way. 2017, 2019, 2021. Spinoffs in writing stages. Consider Tokyo Drift as a spin off for Han.

Titan Books is publishing Mass Effect stories to bridge gap between 3 and Andromeda


DareDevil for the PS2

  • Cancelled, 5,000 ft, Inc., Encore Publisher, Marvel and Sony disagree, Microsoft
  • More of a brawler than acrobatic, no jumps and flips
  • Billy club is used for melee combat, throwing, and swinging around the city
  • Grinding feature a la THPS, telephone wires, not cannon, pushed by Sony
  • “World on fire” vision, 3rd Person “Radar Vision” Detective Mode
  • Elektra, Bullseye, and Kingpin
  • Spider-Man 1 game released mid development, not open world
  • Billy Club swinging would lock onto buildings when Spider-man would not
  • Tensions rise as new employees succumb to drug abuse
  • STORY: Kingpin is assassinated so local gangs try to secure control. Foggy Nelson is kidnapped so he has to be found and Elektra is newly resurrected. Being blamed for the assassination, DD has to clear Elektra’s name.
  • Characters: Stick, Ben Urich, Josie. Punisher has an extended cameo, Black widow. Sewer King, the Hand ninjas, Silvermane, Hammerhead
  • PLOT TWIST: Kingpin is alive and pulling the strings on everything!
  • In the end, 5kFt leaned too much in Sony’s direction so Marvel pulled the license

42: X-Men Apocalypse, No Man’s Sky, & Pokemon!

In this episode, Justin and Tony talk about their experience with X-Men Apocalypse. Also, news of No Man’s Sky being delayed has an emotional effect on one of the cast. There are rumors that Pokemon is having translation issues and the question is posed if Assassin’s Creed would have originally made a better movie than a videogame.

Thanks for listening!


Episode 42: Sex-Men Apocalypse

Prof. X and Apoc fight reminded me of Gandalf and Saruman

Forgot about Wolverine and was pleasantly surprised to see him even though he had bad hair and a stupid thing on his face/chest

I like Sansa Stark in everything

I would have preferred more time with each new character

Scott (Cyclops) is useless as always

Essex Company/ Mr. Sinister/ Cable/ Deadpool/ Clones/ Jean Grey/ Scott Summers

Better than I expected

Quicksilver scene was fun but maybe too humorous for the tone

Too many jokes break the tension

Where’s Psylocke going?

Why did Strom change sides at the end?


No Man’s Sky releasing August 9

Infinite Warfare most liked and disliked COD trailer of all time

First Episode of ELeague

Nintendo changing the names of Pokemon on China

Record Breaking: EVO now biggest tournament ever for Smash Wii U

Ragnarok will include elements of Planet Hulk

Xbox One back down to $299 before E3

Would Assassin’s Creed originally be better as a movie than a game?

41 : 20 Years of GameSpot’s Game of the Year

In this episode of Underpaid Gamers Podcast Tony and Justin discuss Gamespot’s game of the year award for the last 20 years. Additional topics include No Man’s Sky delay, Captain America, Netflix, and Nintendo’s rumored new handheld. Listen in for a good time! Check out our youtube page!



No Man’s Sky delayed until July or August, originally scheduled for June

Netflix makes exclusivity deal with Disney

Daniel Craig not James Bond, maybe woman? Ends: “Bond” CREDITS-Theme

Uncharted 4 breaks PS4 first week sales record

New Handheld Nintendo product

Battleborn stumbling, more people playing Borderlands 2

Captain America is a Hydra Agent?

John Carpenter coming back to Halloween

Jason Todd officially in Batman v Superman

GameSpot Game of the Year for 20 years

Who’s Side Are You On?

Okay, here is the deal. I’ve tried writing this at least two times before now and each time I’ve written way too much and have gone way too deep into detail. So this time, I’m just going to throw out some bullet-point style segments and let you choose.


Who’s side are you on?


Civil War is about the Registration Act, a bill combining the efforts of SHIELD, representatives of those with superpowers, and the US Government, representatives of casual civilians. It came into effect after a couple of series of devastating fights between heroes and villains in the Marvel world. The Registration Act essentially wants heroes and villains to register their secret identities with the government so that the government can decide when these superpowered people can act and at what certain level. This essentially strips the superheroes of their right to decide right from wrong and to use their powers freely.


Team Ironman:


Ironman is a staunch believer in this, as he has seen the destruction caused by himself and other superpowered people first hand. And while he has good intentions that are fleshed out throughout the comic, I think that his means do not justify his ends but I’ll let you decide.


  • Has been upfront about his secret identity since the beginning so he has hardly anything to lose by the Registration Act (RA)
  • Teaming up with Ironman are Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) and Hank Pym (Ant-Man) combing to make three of the best minds in the Marvel Universe but also 3 men with a history of making bad decisions. These three will now be referred to as “Team Ironman”
  • Team Ironman has been working on cyborg replacements for current superheroes as well as a way to generate new heroes.
  • This process of creating cyborg superpowered beings is part of Team Ironman’s 50 State Initiative. A plan to make an Avengers like team for every state in the US.
  • The first cyborg that was activated was a recreation of the Asgardian Thor. To understand this on a deeper level, Thor has been dead for quite some time which has left many heroes in grief.
  • The Thor Cyborg was first activated in a trap that Team Ironman has set for Team Captain America. The cyborg went haywire and wound up killing Bill Foster who was the current Goliath. In the first showing of Team Ironman’s cyborg technology, a beloved member of the Marvel Universe was killed directly because of the cyborgs malfunctions.
  • In an attempt to further squelch the Captain America rebellion, Ironman enlisted the help of the Thunderbolts. A team of captured violent villains that were used as mercenaries to hunt down the rebels.
  • Team Ironman, specifically Mr. Fantastic, has been working on Prison 42 which is a prison in an alternate dimension with the intention to hold superpowered people that would not cooperate with the RA, both villains and heroes alike. One of the most notable heroes captured and sent to Prison 42 was Daredevil.
  • Ironman had convinced Spider-Man to reveal his secret identity on live television as a show of trust for Team Ironman. Spider-Man has notoriously kept his secret identity hidden to protect those he loves, specifically Aunt May and Mary Jane.
  • After Bill Foster had died at the hands of the cyborg Thor, Spider-Man attempted to confront Ironman about his secret plans in the 50 State Initiative. Ironman threatened the safety of Mary Jane and Spider-Man attacked Ironman. Fearing for his life, Spider-Man fled from the Stark Building and attempted to meet up with Team Captain America in the sewers. Ironman took this opportunity to unleash the Thunderbolts for the first time. Two of the Thunderbolts corner the weakened Spider-Man in the sewers and try to kill him. Saved by the Punisher, Spider-Man is transported to Captain America’s secret base of operations.
  • The final battle takes place first at Prison 42 then everyone is transported to the Baxter Building in the middle of Manhattan. For the final battle, Team Ironman is comprised of the Thunderbolts (including Venom), a revamped cyborg Thor, and a few more recognizable heroes such as The Wasp, She-Hulk, Ant-Man and Mr. Fantastic.


Team Captain America:

    Captain America is a believer in the freedom of choice and fighting for the rights of everyone. This is evident in his origin story that, before the Super Soldier Serum, while he was pathetic in physicality, he was superior in compassion and judgement.


Captain America:

  • In the beginning, SHIELD asks Captain America to surrender himself to the RA. Refusing, Captain then defends himself from an elite squad of SHIELD agents and even hijacks a fighter jet to make his escape.
  • Captain America takes to the sewers, the only place he considers himself safe.
  • While in hiding, the Captain continues to fight crime, building up his team. In 72 hours, he is quoted taking down 15 “Super-Criminals”.
  • Captain America is making covert operations with rescue and free his fellow captured heroes with the help of Daredevil, Cloak and Dagger, Luke Cage and Falcon.
  • Captain America has a group of unlisted SHIELD locations that he can use for secret bases that were supplied to him by Nick Fury who is currently in hiding as he disagrees with the RA.
  • As Team Ironman try to recruit new members, such as the X-Men, Blank Panther, and Dr. Strange, Team Captain America still “fights the good fight”. Now aptly named the Secret Avengers, they are seen disrupting the operations of the Sinister Six, a group of Spider-Man’s toughest villains.
  • A fake distress call to a remote building leads Team Captain America into a Team Ironman trap which concludes with Bill Foster’s death at the hands of the cyborg Thor as mentioned above.
  • However, at the beginning of this fight, it is worth mentioning that Ironman confronts Captain America and asks him and his team to surrender peacefully and listen to reason. Captain America gives Ironman five minutes to make his case and they shake hands, however, hidden in Cap’s hand is a portable EMP device that he sneaks onto Ironman disrupting his armor. Captain America then throws the first punch.
  • Ironman attempts to end this fight by using a frequency disrupter that I assume sends out high pitched frequencies that cripple and paralyze Team Captain America. Ironman then beats Captain America to within an inch of his life.
  • The death of Bill Foster and the fight that occurred instilled doubt in both sides. Sue Storm, wife of Reed Richards, turned her back on him after she found out that he was responsible for creating the cyborg Thor that killed Bill Foster and almost killed all of Team Captain America.
  • The Fantastic Four, one of the most recognizable teams in the whole Marvel Universe has been temporarily disbanded. The Human Torch had fled long ago and now the length at which Reed Richards would go evident, Sue Storm, his wife has deemed herself unsafe in his presence. As she leaves, you can see doubt and sadness in The Thing, contemplating whether or not to keep fighting for Team Ironman.
  • After Spider-Man confronted Ironman and fled, he was saved by the Punisher. The Punisher doing what he does best, killed Spider-Man’s attackers. While Captain America was pleased to have Spider-Man join his rebellion. He rebuked the Punisher fighting him, though the Punisher refused to fight back stating that he won’t fight the Captain because he believes in his ideals.  Captain America then banishes the Punisher from his team.
  • As we get to the final battle, joining Captain America is Luke Cage, Sue Storm, Falcon, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Human Torch, Vision,  Cloak and Dagger, and Hercules. In stark comparison, Team Ironman is listed above including mostly of the Thunderbolts.
  • In this final fight, Captain America is on the losing end of a battle with the majority of the Thunderbolts only to be saved by Namor the Submariner. Which is telling in itself as Namor can hardly be bothered to join in the surface world’s affairs.
  • The final fight is concluded in Manhattan when Vision disrupts Ironman’s armor, making him weak to Captain America. Ironman begs Captain America to end this fighting by killing Ironman there on the spot. Just at the moment, civilians, police officers, and firefighters converge on Captain America restraining him from any further action. Urging him to look around at all the destruction that the fighting has caused, Captain America sees civilians fleeing their homes for safety.
  • At the end of the Civil War, despite being on the winning side of the final fight, Captain America surrenders to the NYPD being taken into custody to be put to trial.


Well look at that, this was supposed to be shorter. After Captain America is captured and the Civil War is over, his team goes underground to keep fighting against the RA. Ironman is now the Director of SHIELD stating that he is the only person that he trusts with the secret identities of all of his closest friends. Spoilers ahead: As Captain America is leaving the courthouse where he is being tried, he is assassinated by an unknown sniper. This starts the comic The Death of Captain America which plunges both sides of the Civil War into grief, specifically Ironman who feels his is personally responsible for the death of Captain America.


So I ask the question again, who’s side are you on? Ironman who has good intentions at heart but is willing to go to extreme lengths to make his vision a reality. Or are you siding with Captain America, a man who fights for the freedoms of superheroes and civilians alike?civil-war-3