70: Marvel’s Infinity Wars Predictions

In this episode of Underpaid Gamers Podcast Tony and Justin discuss the recent announcement that Infinity Wars has begun production. Additional topics include the batman movie, the Nintendo Switch, Prey, Horizon Zero Dawn, Zelda DLC, Smash Summit, Kingdom Hearts, and Gas Station Food. Listen in for a hearty chuckle and a news update!

Episode Notes

Nintendo Switch Unboxing! Stolen and resold, says Nintendo

Suicide Squad 2, Mel Gibson to direct?

Avengers: Infinity War started filming Jan. 23, trailer released

Breath of the Wild gets DLC/Season Pass 13.4 Gb without DLC, of 32 Gb total

Matt Reeves is out of The Batman

Horizon reviews are out (discuss?)

PewDiePie makes ‘anti-semitic’ remarks, loses Disney deal

Next Overwatch hero “not who (we) think” -Jeff Kaplan, no Doomfist (Terry Crews)

La La Land

Mass Effect Andromeda Combat tutorial

Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy $40 on June30

Kingdom Hearts 3 released image, again

Smash Summit 4 March 2-5

Fate of the Furious is reportedly 160 minutes long

Prey First Hour


The Last Jedi – Thoughts and Predictions

Star Wars recently released the title of Star Wars Episode VIII. “The Last Jedi” has lit the internet ablaze with thoughts, reactions, and predictions. Before I throw my thoughts into the mix I’d like to pause and reflect about what this franchise means to so many people. As I was walking out of work the other day I heard a few of my co-workers discussing the new title. I also watched an interview on youtube of Mark Hamill commenting on the release. To paraphrase, he said that it is so different now. When they filmed the first movie could not care less whether or not a person leaked the title of the movie. Disney now has a tight lid on all their star wars projects. How different it is now! Star Wars has grown into one of the major mythologies in the pantheon of American film! That aside… Here are my thoughts and predictions.

  1. Luke will die at the end of this movie.

I know many people believe that this isn’t the case. They point out how the term Jedi can be singular or plural. My counter-point is to think about the strength of storytelling by linking the title with Luke being the last Jedi – training a new Jedi – then dying leaving one last Jedi again. Bringing the series full circle to the original series with Obi-Wan’s death and Yoda’s. Luke didn’t have much luck with his old masters being alive… I predict Rey won’t either.

2. Kylo will be the one to kill Luke.

It only makes sense for the tragedy that is Luke’s life. Think about it. His father killed the Jedi and represented evil in the Universe. He then loses his Aunt and Uncle who raised him, loses his mentor, gets his hand cut off, loses another mentor, trains his nephew who turns on the rest of his pupils, and is forced into hiding. What a drag! The only way for this to end appropriately is for his own pupil to put him down!

3. This movie will be more controversial than episode VII.

While some fans were disappointed with the similar plot of The Force Awakens when compared to A New Hope, it seemed to still do well despite similarities. I predict that this movie will have a newer plot and with that will come more mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. The expectations are so high for these movies that it is almost impossible to deliver.


Those are just a few of my initial thoughts on the title.  What did you think of the title? What predictions do you have? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

53:Westworld and Rogue One Trailer

53: Westworld and Rogue One 2

New Wolverine movie titled “Logan” releasing March 3rd, 2017

Rockstar tweets out red logo

Iron Fist release date March 17, 2017

Esports console player of the year

Mods are coming to PS4 for Skyrim and Fallout 4!

It appears Sony and Bethesda came to an agreement and mods will officially be coming to Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4 on PS4! However, there are still a few restrictions. Mods can only encapsulate assets and attributes that are native to said games. Popular mods like making all the dragons in Skyrim skinned like Thomas the Tank Engine or adding Darth Vader armor will still be restricted to PC and Xbox One. Mods will be coming to Skyrim before they will be released on Fallout 4. Skyrim Special Edition will also render at 4K to take advantage of the PS4 Pro.

Hackers from the 2014 PSN/ Xbox Live outage arrested

2 hackers from the infamous hacking group Lizard Squad were arrested recently being charged with “conspiring to cause damage to protected computers.” Being tied to the PSN and Xbox Live outage in 2014, maximum sentencing for such offenses is 10 years in prison.

Beyond Good and Evil free for a month, sequel announced

Long awaited sequel of Beyond Good and Evil, a Ubisoft action-adventure game released in 2003 has officially been announced. After being denied production in 2008, Ubisoft’s Michael Ancel has stated that the team has started pre-production and will be starting from scratch. Beyond Good and Evil is free on Uplay until the end of October.

Hungrybox quits his engineering job to pursue Melee full time

Arguably the best melee player in the world currently, Team Liquid’s Hungrybox has decided to pursue Melee full-time. Quitting his full-time engineering job, Hungrybox says he will be playing Melee, Streaming, and studying Computer Programming full time. Despite a rough placing of 5th at Big House 6, Hungrybox has an incredible record to show for including a first place finish at Evo 2016.

PewDiePie gets the Last Guardian early

  • Same gameplay as shown at E3 2015.
  • The pet acts like a pet, so it doesn’t listen and kind of does whatever it wants.
  • Pewds was very impressed with the animations of the main character.


Rise of the Tomb Raider

Indigo Prophecy

Star Wars the Old Republic trailer

Rogue One Trailer

Newscast: Skyrim Remastered, Watch_Dogs 2 and Titanfall 2


Blizzard/ Overwatch banning players as promised

Following Blizzard’s lead, Ubisoft swears to perma ban cheaters in the Division on 1st

Anthony Hopkins in Trans 5 as the Hannibal Lecter of the robot universe, Unicron

Spider-Man 4, Mysterio as Bruce Campbell, Add Vulture (Jefferey Henderson)

Sucker Punch Spider-Man

  • InFamous, Sly Cooper

Watch Dogs 2 confirmed by Ubisoft, six different versions

  • Release Nov. 15

Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 releasing within 2 weeks of each other

RPG Battles: Blood and Wine vs Far Harbour

Jake Gyllenhaal to star in The Division Movie

Take-Two CEO no market for VR right now.

  • Owns Rockstar, 2K
  • Games like: GTA, Civ, Borderlands, Bioshock, NBA 2K

Horizon Zero Dawn pushed back until Feb. 28, consolation prize of a new trailer

  • Asks for pre-orders, dumb

Zootopia earns $1 Billion worldwide

  • Fourth animated movie to do so (Frozen, Toy Story 3, Minions)
  • 26th movie ever to gross $1 Bil, Disney owns 11
  • Second movie this year behind Civil War

E3 starts June 14

Skyrim Remastered

Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue

Square Enix announced a FF12 remake for PS4

  • Adds new music and other things

Gwent coming to mobile? Trademarked

COD XP first in 5 years in September

  • $2 Million tournament, Largest in COD history
  • Multiplayer reveal for Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered
  • Really late reveal, BO3 was in June, AW in August, Ghost in August

Kit Harrington villain in Infinite Warfare

PS4K confirmed but won’t be shown at E3

Destiny: Rise of Iron new DLC not for Last Gen

  • Everyone gets the Gjallahorn, only get skin if pre-ordered

41 : 20 Years of GameSpot’s Game of the Year

In this episode of Underpaid Gamers Podcast Tony and Justin discuss Gamespot’s game of the year award for the last 20 years. Additional topics include No Man’s Sky delay, Captain America, Netflix, and Nintendo’s rumored new handheld. Listen in for a good time! Check out our youtube page!



No Man’s Sky delayed until July or August, originally scheduled for June

Netflix makes exclusivity deal with Disney

Daniel Craig not James Bond, maybe woman? Ends: “Bond” CREDITS-Theme

Uncharted 4 breaks PS4 first week sales record

New Handheld Nintendo product

Battleborn stumbling, more people playing Borderlands 2

Captain America is a Hydra Agent?

John Carpenter coming back to Halloween

Jason Todd officially in Batman v Superman

GameSpot Game of the Year for 20 years

39: Esports, Luke Skywalker, and Gamefly

Episode 39: Gamefly and (?) Assassin’s Creed Trailer Notes

Assassin’s Creed trailer. Kayne West?

  • Music changes the whole tone
  • Movie takes out everything I found enjoyable about the game (parkour, violent takedowns, jumping in hay) Should be rated R to have takedowns violent enough
  • New animus?
  • Best part of AC1 was discovering that Abstergo was Templar and tearing it apart from the inside. This trailer seems to make Abstergo evil from the get-go
  • Biggest problem with videogame movies is the lack of gameplay

Gamefly possible Netflix of videogames?


Ubisoft to release 5 games by March 2017 Watch dogs, South Park, New AAA IP,

Ghost Recon: Wildlands and For Honor

Battlefield WW1 Likes vs Infinite Warfare Dislikes

Disney Infinity is no more. Not profitable.

Overwatch to permanently ban cheaters on first offense

Modern Warfare Trilogy outed by Best Buy website. Releasing for last Gen on May 16

“ELeague” on TBS esport episodes May 27 Friday night CS:GO 2 Ten Week tournaments


35: Triple Trailers! Rogue One, Dr Strange, Suicide Squad

In this episode of Underpaid Gamers Podcast Tony and Justin discuss not ONE, not TWO, but THREE trailers and our expectations. On top of trailers, Red Dead Redemption, PS4 update 3.5 and Shadow of Mordor 2 are on the docket. Listen in to a good time! Share, Like, Comment, Listen!

Episode Notes

British are pushing for an esport Olympics

FF11 Servers taken down from PS2

Shadow of Mordor 2 in production

PS4 3.5 Update out now

Rogue One trailer

Suicide Squad Blitz trailer

Dr. Strange trailer

Spider-Man Homecoming confirmed

Redead Redemption: Prequel map leaked

Four Avatar sequels

Live-action Pokemon rights discussed

WOW! VANILLA! My favorite flavor

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Channel description

Intro to the underpaid gamers




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