Homeworld Multiplayer Beta – First Look

Last night some friends and I decided to boot up Homeworld the Remastered Collection and play the multiplayer beta. Props go to Argyle Arson and Roland Deschain for agreeing to play a free-for-all in their first experience with the game. Above is our first game together. If you have not played Homeworld I highly recommend it. Initially released in 1999, the 2015 remastered edition updates the visuals without changing the mechanics what makes the game so great. I’ll have more coverage of Homeworld in the future as its legacy on PC gaming and RTSs is significant. Enjoy the video!


36:E-Sports and the Big Ten Network

In this episode of Underpaid Gamers Podcast Tony and Justin discuss the continual rise of E-Sports in colleges. Listeners will also get an update on the most recent video game and entertainment news. Listen in for a good time! Share, like, comment, and rate! Join the conversation by tweeting @UPgamerspodcast

Episode Notes

CS:GO Union?

Big Ten Network partners with Riot games to broadcast LoL college tournament Michigan State Spartans vs Ohio STATE Buckeyes

-Pax East 2016 April 22nd

Streaming rights? Big Ten Network and network tv or twitch and other online streams?

-American audiences?

-13 of the 14 Big Ten schools have eSports clubs

MLG Columbus breaks viewing records for CS:GO with 1.6 million total viewers

Eports are foreign dominated games. Maybe a hard sell in North America?

Smash Summit 2 April 21!

Halo at Winter X-Games. Call of Duty has been at 2 X-Games in the past.

Also Counterstrike

Hearthstone and Halo are North American driven

34: PS4K a Good Idea???

In this episode of Underpaid Gamers Podcast Tony and Justin discuss whether or not Sony’s PS4K is a good move for the company. On top of that Tracer’s butt, Tom Hardy, and Batman V Superman are touched upon. Listen in for a good time! Share, Like, Comment, and rate us!

Episode Notes:

Tracer’s Butt

Gambit postponed again. Was first scheduled to be released in March 2016


Tom Hardy future acting credits on IMDB “Untitled African American Poaching Project” “Untitled Tom Hardy Outlaw Biker Project” “Mad Max: the Wasteland” “Splinter Cell”

Pound 2016

-First Pound in 5 years

Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay. Has jetpack

Mang0 vs Hax$

Batman: The Killing Joke Trailer

Spider-Man: Homecoming

House of Cards


When Should I Sell My Old Games?

One of the hardest decisions I ever face when I finish a game is whether or not to keep it, or sell it. I generally view myself as a video game collector, though hoarder is more appropriate. My rule of thumb is to keep a game unless I didn’t enjoy the game. Needless to say I have only traded in a handful of games. Here I will discuss a few valid reasons to trade in a game.

1. You didn’t enjoy the game.

The first, and most obvious, reason to sell a game is if you did not enjoy it or are generally unhappy with it. I have sold a few games based on this logic. The most recent in memory is Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros. When I purchased the game I expected it to be a full size Metal Gear game; what I received was a game with one mission that would do over and over again with different challenges. I was sorely disappointed. I promptly traded in the game, upset that I had spent money on a game with very little content.

2. There is little or no replay value.

Replay value is an important factor for me when I weigh the price of a game. If a game has a high replay value (meaning I can play it over-and-over again without it getting old) than I will be more willing to spend a high price on the game. If the game is a one-and-done type then it makes more sense to do one of two things. Either buy, beat, and quickly sell the game to maximize its trade in value, or wait for the price to bottom out before purchasing.

3. You need cash now

Sometimes life gets you. You know, it gets you right where it hurts- your car breaks down, your furnace goes out, you owe taxes, etc. The last acceptable reason, in my mind, for selling games is for the cash. Emergencies happen and sometimes you just have to make ends meet.

4. The new iteration of the franchise is out (Credited to Wolfe Stedro)

There are a few game franchises that reboot their old games and franchises with HD remakes and newer versions of the old games. I really see this in two ways.

First, in regard to HD remakes where the game is the same just with updated graphics. For instance the release of The Last of Us on the PS4. If you purchase the newer version, why keep the PS3 copy?

Second, franchises like Call of Duty release a game yearly. If you are into the competitive multiplayer these games offer than you’ll generally want to stay up-to-date on the newest version. If you’re following the competitive crowd, then there is no reason to keep the old version.


Do you have other valid reason’s to sell a game? Is my list missing something? Leave a comment or tweet at us @UPgamerspodcast