59: Arrival and Pokemon Sun and Moon

Episode Notes

Symmetra gets the choice of 2 Ults, and a new ability

eSports Industry Awards Scump wins best Console Player

Hello Games announces big update coming after months of silence.

Watch Dogs 2

  • Motorcycle headshot
  • Overpass overkill

The Walking Dead has the lowest ratings since 2013

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Amarda gets first at Dreamhack over HBox, Leffen, Mang0


44: No Man’s Sky and Pokemon Uranium

44: No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is released

  • 2 players end up on the same planet but can’t see each other
  • Sean Murray tweets that they have sold more than they anticipated
  • Fails on PC, “levels of Arkham Knight bad”

Thomas Gibson, Aaron Hotchner from Criminal Minds, fired after kicking producer

Suicide Squad Box Office:

  • Drops by 79.4% from first friday to second friday ($64.8 to $13.35 million)
  • Batman v Superman dropped 81%
  • S. Squad makes $192 domestically/ $191.5 Overseas, budget of $175 million
  • Sausage Party takes Number 1 with $13.5 Million
  • Also in the club of movies that dropped by 75% or higher: Man of Steel, Green Lantern, Dark Knight Rises, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Watchmen
  • S. Squad breaks record for opening day in August, takes it from Guardians of the Galaxy, which dropped by 67.5% in second week.

Pokemon Uranium

Fan based games emerges online after 9 years of production. Pokemon Uranium adds over 200 new Pokemon, 8 gyms, a new team of villains Team Nuclear, and a new region. Downloaded over 1.5 Million times, Nintendo Of America lawyers contact the development team and demand a removal of all links on their website. While the creators claim to never have received any cease and desist letters, they have received multiple takedown notices. The creators then go on to say that while they won’t have any direct downloads, they will still be working on updates for the game, if you can find it elsewhere.

Final Fantasy 15

Officially announced at E3 in 2006, Final Fantasy 13 Versus has taken a new name in the past couple of years; now most people will recognize it as Final Fantasy 15. After waiting for 10 years, it has now been delayed an extra 2 months and will evidently release on November 29.

Black Panther

Release date has been moved to Feb. 16, 2018 with filming starting in 2017. Directed by Ryan Coogler who is the same director behind Oscar Nominated film, Creed (2015). Black Panther story will take place after the events of Civil War, where T’challa has inherited the throne and Bucky is in a stasis chamber. Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, says that the film had to be moved up because there are events that tie into the Avengers film that will be released in April of 2018. The story is rumored to be about 2 villains challenging Black Panthers rule of Wakanda. The first villain we can expect to see is Erik Killmonger, essentially a beat for beat match to T’Challa. Having pursued the kingdom of Wakanda before, Killmonger will have to team up with another villain to take down Black Panther. This other villain could be Klaw, who we first saw in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The International

Largest eSports tournament ever, Dota 2’s The International finished last weekend. With a total prize pool of over $20 million dollars, the first place team took home $9 million to split between themselves making this the most ever winnings of any esport team. Not only that, second place took home $3.4 million marking the second most ever winnings for any esport. The finals of the tournament took place in Seattle’s own Key Arena capable of holding 17,000 people. Grand finals were between Wings Gaming and Digital Chaos. Taking home the first place prize was Wings Gaming winning over Digital Chaos 3 to 1 in a best of 5 games.

Super Smash Con

Melee tournament Super Smash Con finished on Sunday. Mang0 took first over Hungrybox and Mew2King.


The Collection will be released on September 20 and will cost $59.99 will include preorder equipment.


No Man’s Sky Thoughts:

“Hey this is cool, go to this location and see…. Oh wait”

Why Pokemon Go is Revolutionary and Why it Sucks

The release of Pokemon Go caused mass hysteria. Hundreds of nerds left their proverbial basements to explore the outdoors with their friends. To the outside observer Pokemon explorers looked like a bunch of young people walking around haphazardly staring at phones. Why is this game revolutionary? Beyond the touted and heavily reported “augmented reality” phrase tossed around, Pokemon Go was successful at getting gamers up and moving and physically present with their friends.

If you’re reading this blog you probably have some experience with gaming. You probably espouse the virtues of gaming as a way to connect with friends and family who live all over the place. I often explain to people those very facts. My brother lives hours and hours away yet we are able to communicate often, and in common interest, through party chats. However good it is to be able to communicate over a headset it is better to be with someone in person. Pokemon Go does this.

When Pokemon Go came out I was working at a summer camp. It quickly grew in popularity and I was amazed at what it did to the social situation on camp. People who orignially were not spending time together bonded over the game. Rivalries and alliances formed. Each team had a group chat which were used to coordinate gym take-overs. It was an amazing experience. All of these are revolutionary to me. People physically gaming together and coordinating that game in real life.

Pokemon Go sucks too. Struck with a myriad of problems at its launch, Pokemon Go and Niantic had to adjust on the fly. Updates to the game brought greater stability but cost us in player experience. Niantic lessened the circle of discovery around your player on the map, making it harder to find Pokemon. They also removed a broken feature as opposed to fixing it with the removal of the distance icons beneath the Pokemon in the Pokemon radar.

These updates lead me to believe that Niantic isn’t in the game for the user experience, but instead is in it for the money. With the announcement that businesses were going to be able to buy pokestops, and the declining novelty of the game, I’ve decided to stop playing.

Maybe I’ll return, but it’s unlikely. What do you think about Pokemon Go?

42: X-Men Apocalypse, No Man’s Sky, & Pokemon!

In this episode, Justin and Tony talk about their experience with X-Men Apocalypse. Also, news of No Man’s Sky being delayed has an emotional effect on one of the cast. There are rumors that Pokemon is having translation issues and the question is posed if Assassin’s Creed would have originally made a better movie than a videogame.

Thanks for listening!


Episode 42: Sex-Men Apocalypse

Prof. X and Apoc fight reminded me of Gandalf and Saruman

Forgot about Wolverine and was pleasantly surprised to see him even though he had bad hair and a stupid thing on his face/chest

I like Sansa Stark in everything

I would have preferred more time with each new character

Scott (Cyclops) is useless as always

Essex Company/ Mr. Sinister/ Cable/ Deadpool/ Clones/ Jean Grey/ Scott Summers

Better than I expected

Quicksilver scene was fun but maybe too humorous for the tone

Too many jokes break the tension

Where’s Psylocke going?

Why did Strom change sides at the end?


No Man’s Sky releasing August 9

Infinite Warfare most liked and disliked COD trailer of all time

First Episode of ELeague

Nintendo changing the names of Pokemon on China

Record Breaking: EVO now biggest tournament ever for Smash Wii U

Ragnarok will include elements of Planet Hulk

Xbox One back down to $299 before E3

Would Assassin’s Creed originally be better as a movie than a game?