66: Fire Emblem Direct

In this episode of Underpaid Gamers Justin and Tony discuss the recent Fire Emblem direct. Additional topics include updates on Overwatch and Melee esports, Uncharted 4, and Tony’s recent Watch Dogs 2 platinum. Listen in for a good time! Tweet @UPgamerspodcast to join the conversation!

Episode Notes

Breath of the Wild side quests guide

-Not Skyrim, only one way to play?

House of Cards release date – May 30

Genesis 4!

Overwatch Open Winter Premiere

Renegade’s Mangachu

Final Four next week Complexity, Luminosity, Emmortals, Kungara

Logan Trailer


Uncharted 4

Watch_Dogs 2 Platinum

Fire Emblem Treehouse


36:E-Sports and the Big Ten Network

In this episode of Underpaid Gamers Podcast Tony and Justin discuss the continual rise of E-Sports in colleges. Listeners will also get an update on the most recent video game and entertainment news. Listen in for a good time! Share, like, comment, and rate! Join the conversation by tweeting @UPgamerspodcast

Episode Notes

CS:GO Union?

Big Ten Network partners with Riot games to broadcast LoL college tournament Michigan State Spartans vs Ohio STATE Buckeyes

-Pax East 2016 April 22nd

Streaming rights? Big Ten Network and network tv or twitch and other online streams?

-American audiences?

-13 of the 14 Big Ten schools have eSports clubs

MLG Columbus breaks viewing records for CS:GO with 1.6 million total viewers

Eports are foreign dominated games. Maybe a hard sell in North America?

Smash Summit 2 April 21!

Halo at Winter X-Games. Call of Duty has been at 2 X-Games in the past.

Also Counterstrike

Hearthstone and Halo are North American driven