50: The Impact of Game Delays

50: Effect of Game Delays

Founder of Oculus Rift runs an anti-clinton meme foundation

Great Games that have been delayed

Half-Life 2  (as of February 9, 2011, Half-Life 2 had sold over 12 million copies.)

We’re here to talk about Half-Life 2, a title in development for at least five years. Granted, the prolonged development cycle can mostly be attributed to Valve building a completely new engine, Source, from scratch for the project. It also didn’t help that a large chunk of the game’s source code was leaked shortly after being officially unveiled at E3 in 2003.

The combination of perfecting the game’s engine for launch and dealing with the gaping hole in security led Half-Life 2 to be delayed another year, making fans all the more anxious for the title.

Thankfully, the excruciating wait was worth it. Half-Life 2 is widely considered one of the greatest games ever made, on a technical, narrative and gameplay level. It’s a true gem of this industry, with its influence still being felt today. Now imagine if it was rushed to shelves instead? We could have a completely different gaming climate today if that were the case.

Grand Theft Auto IV (25 million (November 2012))

Grand Theft Auto IV was originally announced back at E3 2006, when Peter Moore, who was Microsoft’s Corporate VP of the Interactive Entertainment Business division at the time, rolled up his sleeve to reveal a mock GTA IV tattoo on his arm, signaling the game’s planned release for Xbox 360. Rockstar was gunning for an October 2007 release.

Unfortunately, neither Rockstar nor their parent company, Take-Two, believed they could hit that mark. GTA IV was then pushed back to April 2008, which is when the game finally did release for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (a PC version followed shortly thereafter in December 2008).

When all was said and done, it took over 3 years, 1000 people and $100 million to create Rockstar’s most ambitious Grand Theft Auto to date (not counting the upcoming GTA V). The extra development time seemed to pay off, though, as GTA IV set two entertainment industry records upon release – best single-day and seven-day totals for a video game (both have been smashed by the Call of Duty juggernaut since).


Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa (75K subs)

Development Began: 2001

Release Date: November 2nd, 2007

Reasoning: Richard Garritt boldly claimed that Tabula Rasa would be the be-all, end-all MMO that brought the Eastern and Western audiences together. Unfortunately, the game underwent a huge overhaul, lost 20% of its original team and 75% of its code had to be rewritten.

Was it Worth the Wait? No. Tabula Rasa closed its servers in 2009 and wasn’t the definitive MMO experience Garriott led us to believe it would be.

Too Human ( 790K)

Development Began: 1999

Release Date: August 19th, 2008

Reasoning: Too Human was originally intended to be released on the original PlayStation on four discs, before development switched to a GameCube version in 2000, and then an Xbox 360 version in 2005. It also didn’t help when developers Silicon Knights sued the creators of the game’s Unreal Engine 3, Epic Games, in 2007 for a “breach of contract.”

Was it Worth the Wait? No. Too Human released to poor reviews and underwhelming sales. Also, due to the dispute with Epic Games (which Epic won), Silicon Knights was forced to recall all unsold copies of the game in 2012 and destroy them.

No Man’s Sky? (3.5 million copies on PC and console in its first two days)

the week two numbers for No Mans Sky physical sales have fallen 81 percent week over week in the United Kingdom – as in, it sold 81 percent fewer copies than it did the first week.

49: Fall 2016 Game Releases and our Expectations

49: Fall 2016 Releases and Expectations

PS4 4.0 Update released

Lego Harry Potter Remaster, but only for PS4

Jessica Jones wins Emmy. First of all Marvel TV series

Chris Metzen retires from Blizzard. Worked on Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft, Overwatch

The Last Guardian DELAYED! History of Last Guardian delays

Assassin’s Creed Ezio collection Nov. 14. So much for no AC this year.

HBO is coming to PS4 (Party chat Game of Thrones?)

New Build

48: PS4 Pro and the Greatest Gaming Soundtracks

48: Greatest Gaming Soundtracks

Leaked images of Shocker from Homecoming

Joe Maganiello (Magic Mike) cast as Deathstroke

Sony won’t allow mods for Bethesda games on PS4

PS4 Pro:

What if conference was just just a bluff to have Microsoft show its hand?

Games have to be calibrated for 2 different systems

No 4K Blu Ray player

47: Will Kingdom Hearts 3 Ever Be Released?

47: Kingdom Hearts Release Date

No Mario’s Sky

Daggerfall free download from bethesda

EVE Online has a free-to-play mode

Is the NX the perfect console for a Pokemon 1st/3rd person Open-world RPG?


Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15 Timeline:

2002: Kingdom Hearts released

2005: Kingdom Hearts 2 released


  • March: Final Fantasy 12 released
  • Tetsuya Nomura approached by Disney to make KH3 sequel
  • KH3 concepts in motion but Nomura won’t work on KH3 because of involvement with FFversus13/FF15

2009: Final Fantasy 13 released

2010: Final Fantasy 14 released


  • Main development for FF15 begins.


  • Unreal Engine 4 is released to developers.
  • Nomura announces that KH3 will run in UR4, 6 years after KH3 announcement


  • E3 reveals of both Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3
  • Nomura says 2013 reveal was too early for KH3
  • PS4 officially revealed at E3


  • Nomura no longer works on FF15 despite being director for 6 years.
  • Nomura has moved on to KH3, maybe development has officially started?


Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue announced


  • March, Official announcement of FF15 release date to be September 30
  • FF15 delayed until November 29
  • KH3 is taken off the discussion points of Square Enix’s Tokyo Game Show
  • KH3 removed from Xbox Marketplace in Japan
  • Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is set to release in December 2016
  • Official announcement of KH3 scheduled for Quarter 4 of 2016.


  • Kingdom Hearts 3 tentatively scheduled to be released


Final Fantasy 15:

  • Delayed to November to alleviate the need for a Day 1 Patch for players with no internet – Hajime Tabata Director
  • Been in development for 10 years
  • Change of director more than halfway (2014) through


Kingdom Hearts:

  • Changed engines 6 years after announcement
  • Won’t be developed by the same team that did Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2
  • Square Enix’s Product Development Division 1 Team made 1 & 2
  • 1st Production Department made Birth by Sleep, Dream Drop Distance, and HD 1.5 Remix

44: No Man’s Sky and Pokemon Uranium

44: No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is released

  • 2 players end up on the same planet but can’t see each other
  • Sean Murray tweets that they have sold more than they anticipated
  • Fails on PC, “levels of Arkham Knight bad”

Thomas Gibson, Aaron Hotchner from Criminal Minds, fired after kicking producer

Suicide Squad Box Office:

  • Drops by 79.4% from first friday to second friday ($64.8 to $13.35 million)
  • Batman v Superman dropped 81%
  • S. Squad makes $192 domestically/ $191.5 Overseas, budget of $175 million
  • Sausage Party takes Number 1 with $13.5 Million
  • Also in the club of movies that dropped by 75% or higher: Man of Steel, Green Lantern, Dark Knight Rises, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Watchmen
  • S. Squad breaks record for opening day in August, takes it from Guardians of the Galaxy, which dropped by 67.5% in second week.

Pokemon Uranium

Fan based games emerges online after 9 years of production. Pokemon Uranium adds over 200 new Pokemon, 8 gyms, a new team of villains Team Nuclear, and a new region. Downloaded over 1.5 Million times, Nintendo Of America lawyers contact the development team and demand a removal of all links on their website. While the creators claim to never have received any cease and desist letters, they have received multiple takedown notices. The creators then go on to say that while they won’t have any direct downloads, they will still be working on updates for the game, if you can find it elsewhere.

Final Fantasy 15

Officially announced at E3 in 2006, Final Fantasy 13 Versus has taken a new name in the past couple of years; now most people will recognize it as Final Fantasy 15. After waiting for 10 years, it has now been delayed an extra 2 months and will evidently release on November 29.

Black Panther

Release date has been moved to Feb. 16, 2018 with filming starting in 2017. Directed by Ryan Coogler who is the same director behind Oscar Nominated film, Creed (2015). Black Panther story will take place after the events of Civil War, where T’challa has inherited the throne and Bucky is in a stasis chamber. Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, says that the film had to be moved up because there are events that tie into the Avengers film that will be released in April of 2018. The story is rumored to be about 2 villains challenging Black Panthers rule of Wakanda. The first villain we can expect to see is Erik Killmonger, essentially a beat for beat match to T’Challa. Having pursued the kingdom of Wakanda before, Killmonger will have to team up with another villain to take down Black Panther. This other villain could be Klaw, who we first saw in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The International

Largest eSports tournament ever, Dota 2’s The International finished last weekend. With a total prize pool of over $20 million dollars, the first place team took home $9 million to split between themselves making this the most ever winnings of any esport team. Not only that, second place took home $3.4 million marking the second most ever winnings for any esport. The finals of the tournament took place in Seattle’s own Key Arena capable of holding 17,000 people. Grand finals were between Wings Gaming and Digital Chaos. Taking home the first place prize was Wings Gaming winning over Digital Chaos 3 to 1 in a best of 5 games.

Super Smash Con

Melee tournament Super Smash Con finished on Sunday. Mang0 took first over Hungrybox and Mew2King.


The Collection will be released on September 20 and will cost $59.99 will include preorder equipment.


No Man’s Sky Thoughts:

“Hey this is cool, go to this location and see…. Oh wait”

43: Suicide Squad

Show Notes

Dragon Quest 7 release on 3DS Sept. 9

CS:GO Lounge

As the CS:GO gambling suit continues to take shape, CS:GO Lounge has filed for an official gambling license. In a statement from CS:GO Lounge, “Virtual items in CS:GO have no monetary value” but then they go on to say, “We have decided to acquire a license to legally operate in most countries and be able to accept esports bets by our community, as if it were real money.” Also operating a Dota 2 Lounge website, CS:GO Lounge was one of the many recipients of a cease and desist letter from Valve demanding a stop to all gambling using Valve property. The main defense against the lawsuits of illegal gambling are arguing that the randomized rewards aren’t actually monetary, and are therefore legal, but with the pursuit of a gambling license, CS:GO Lounge almost openly admits that it was gambling all along.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Black Ops 3 has broken Activision records by becoming the most profitable Call of Duty of all time while still in the first half of it’s 1 year life cycle. Sales of in-game content have doubled, compared to previous years at the same time period.  It can now be assumed that every Call of Duty from this point on will have a Black Market/ Supply Drop gear system that, will include skins, camos, and weapons. While the futuristic movement has deterred some players, it has not been enough and we, as a community of gamers, can expect more games similiar to Black ops 3 in the future. Black Ops 3 was the best selling game of 2015 and has continued that trend into 2016 still reigning supreme.

Also, Activision – Blizzard reported over $1 Billion from in-game content across all games (Call of Duty, Overwatch, Hearthstone and others).

Elder Scrolls: Legends

Elder Scrolls: Legends, the closest contestor to Hearthstone is now in open beta at Betheseda.net. Is now and forever will be, a free to play collectible card game.


PS4 accounts for 78% of revenue for Sony between April  and June 2016, which is an increase of 14.5% from 2015. From Sony’s fiscal report, “this significant increase was primarily due to a significant increase in PS4 [game] sales including through the PS Store(…) and a decrease in PS3 hardware and software sales.” Games released in this quarter include: Dark Souls 3, Ratchet and Clank, DOOM, Overwatch, Lego The Force Awakens, and of course, best selling game of 2016, selling 3.41 million units, Playstation exclusive Uncharted 4. At an average of $55 per Uncharted sales alone, Uncharted 4 adds $1.86 million in revenue; total Sony Movie Studios took in $2.13 Million. The gaming sector for Sony is the strongest of the whole company in a usually slow quarter.

No Man’s Sky servers will be wiped before launch due to early release copies

42:X-Men Apocalypse, No Man’s Sky, and Pokemon

Episode 42: X-Men Apocalypse

Prof. X and Apoc fight reminded me of Gandalf and Saruman

Forgot about Wolverine and was pleasantly surprised to see him even though he had bad hair and a stupid thing on his face/chest

I like Sansa Stark in everything

I would have preferred more time with each new character

Scott (Cyclops) is useless as always

Essex Company/ Mr. Sinister/ Cable/ Deadpool/ Clones/ Jean Grey/ Scott Summers

Better than I expected

Quicksilver scene was fun but maybe too humorous for the tone

Too many jokes break the tension

Where’s Psylocke going?

Why did Strom change sides at the end?


No Man’s Sky releasing August 9

Infinite Warfare most liked and disliked COD trailer of all time

First Episode of ELeague

Nintendo changing the names of Pokemon on China

Record Breaking: EVO now biggest tournament ever for Smash Wii U

Ragnarok will include elements of Planet Hulk

Xbox One back down to $299 before E3

Would Assassin’s Creed originally be better as a movie than a game?

41: Gamespot’s 20 Years of Game of the Year


Episode 41: 20 Years of Game of the Year

No Man’s Sky delayed until July or August, originally scheduled for June

Netflix makes exclusivity deal with Disney

Daniel Craig not James Bond, maybe woman? Ends: “Bond” CREDITS-Theme

Uncharted 4 breaks PS4 first week sales record

New Handheld Nintendo product

Battleborn stumbling, more people playing Borderlands 2

Captain America is a Hydra Agent?

John Carpenter coming back to Halloween

Jason Todd officially in Batman v Superman

GameSpot Game of the Year for 20 years