74: Should I watch Iron Fist?

In this episode of Underpaid Gamers Podcast Tony and Justin discuss the newly released Iron Fist on Netflix! Additional topics and news: Dragon Quest, Star Wars Update, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Matrix, an esports bracket and a DC movie update. Listen in for a great time!

74: Should I Watch Iron Fist

Colin Moriarty leaves Kinda Funny

Switch docks back on the market, this time with no cables, $30 cheaper

Switch nearing 2 Million units sold, Projected 8 million first year sales

– PS4: 20.5 million / 2 million in first month

  • Xbox One: 11 million
  • Wii: 20.13 Million

Horizon “Hunters’ Blind” quest glitch, Snapmaw heart (fixed)

I wish Horizon had techs like Smash or Kingdom Hearts

Horizon sells 2.6 Million copies / Uncharted 4 sells 2.7 million in first week

Telltale Games CEO leaves, but stays on the Board of Directors

Matrix Expansion (Not reboot)

  • Zac Penn to write: X2, XMen the Last Stand, Elektra, Avengers 2012
  • Michael B Jordan in discussions
  • Wachowskis not currently involved

Ben Affleck was in rehab for alcohol addiction recently (not sure if news)

ESPN esports player bracket

  • Featuring Melee, Smash 4, COD, League, Dota 2, CS:GO, SFV, SC2, Halo

James Gunn confirms Guardians 3, but he won’t direct

Solo Venom movie coming out in Oct. 5, 2018 (Sony)

  • No Director yet

Aquaman delayed to Dec. 21, 2018 (Star Wars Season)

ME Andromeda is getting torn apart in early reviews

  • Facial animations, storytelling, graphical issues (has become a meme)
  • Day 1 patch was included in early access copies, what you’re seeing is what you’ll be playing Day 1. Updates will come after, of course.
  • Focus on combat, exploration, story, environment

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