Newscast 2: E3, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Marvel

Donald Glover joins the cast of Spider-Man Homecoming

  • Shown in Martian that he can be funny and smart
  • Michael Barbieri might be Harry Osborn, but maybe Donny?
  • Voice actor for Miles Morales in Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney
  • Donny might be too old for any of Peter’s Friends
  • Maybe he’ll be working with Tony Stark or at the Daily Bugle
  • Could be Miles Morales but that’s a weird timeline

Petition to change the voice actor for Peter Parker in Civil War in Russia

  • Sounds like a 10 year old
  • Not Tom Holland, Vladimir Kanukhin

Battleborn gets Microtransactions, purely cosmetic they say

Ocean’s 8, Female Cast keeping the same tone

Dragon Quest VII to release in West, 3DS

Evo 2016 breaks record and becomes the biggest Melee tournament of all time, July 15

Killing Joke gets a 1 day theatrical release on July 25

Twitch is suing seven “bot makers” essentially for fraud and breach of contract

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has wrapped up filming

Finding Dory breaks record for animated opening weekend and is 2nd overall

  • Behind Jurassic World
  • $136.2 million


GameStop CEO says NX will have physical media

Kingdom Hearts 3, no FF levels, shows Tangled

Warcraft is doing very well in China, $200 million well, $37 in US

Just bought Overwatch NEW GAME SMELL

No Man’s Sky Lawsuit Sky TV in London, made Microsoft change to OneDrive




Titanfall 2, Free DLC for whole game


Battlefield 1

Mass Effect



Skyrim Special Edition, includes mods

Fallout 4 DLC, Contraptions and Nuka World

Elder Scrolls 6 in development. Will be released after 2 more unmentioned games

Prey 2, titled Prey

Dishonored 2

Quake Champions, intended for eSports



Xbox One S

  • 4K output video, not games

Scorpio – Holiday season of 2017

  • VR capabilities for Fallout 4
  • All Xbox One games playable on everything
  • “Most powerful console ever built” Duh

Final Fantasy 15 looks cool



Ghost Recon: Wildlands

New AAA IP, Steep

Watch_Dogs 2



Live orchestra

God of War

  • Norse

Crash Bandicoot remastered 1, 2, Warped

PSVR – $399.99

  • X-Wing, Batman

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Horizon: Zero Dawn MORE gameplay

Spider-Man for PS4, Exclusive

  • No release date or name
  • Insomniac

Hideo Kojima shows new game, Death Stranding with Norman Reedus and Ink Baby

  • What was shown isn’t actually playable and won’t be in the game
  • Big middle finger to Konami
  • No release date announced, don’t expect anything before 2018

Days Gone

Forza Horizon 3

Detroit: Become Human


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is very large. 12 times larger than Twilight Princess

  • Also, Link can climb things now, a la Assassin’s Creed

Pokemon Sun and Moon

  • New Pokemon
  • New Professor and Region
  • Gameplay

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