38: Captain America Civil War

In this episode of Underpaid Gamers Podcast Justin and Tony discuss the recent marvel film “Captain America: Civil War”. Spoiler warning!! News coverage includes Han Solo casting, Ratchet and Clank, and a third person star wars game. Listen! Like! Share! Follow! and Subscribe!


Episode Notes


Ratchet and Clank #1 on UK charts 2 weeks in a row. First Sony game to do so since which popular release in 2014?

Respawn making a Star Wars game with God of War Director “third person action adventure game”

Sucker Punch Spider-Man

Han Solo Movie Cast decision Alden Ehrenreich

Black Widow Solo movie Marvel is committed


Like the comics:

  • Government wants to control the moves of superheroes because of Wanda
  • Prison

Tony Stark

  • Bad guy in the movie?
  • Doesn’t have the Thunderbolts
  • Like the comics, he is more concerned with finding Cap then fighting bad guys
  • Dead child at the center of his motivation
  • Admits Ultron was his fault
  • Reactor dies, but shrapnel is surgically removed
  • Analyze fight patterns

Captain America

  • Fighting for freedom of choice
  • Super concerned with Bucky
  • Understandable fear of government?
  • Politicians have agendas
  • Would the UN have went after Helmut?
  • Would they have waited until it was too late?


  • Giant Man

Falcon was sick with the moves

Black Panther


  • Manipulated by Tony Stark?
  • Good casting or good writing?
  • Age/ Humor Makes jokes because he is new to this?
  • Representation of Fighting
  • “With powers like mine…”




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