Clash Royale – Review

Clash Royale is a relatively new iOS and Android game created by Supercell. Taking place in the same world as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale is a card based tower defense game in which you play against another human player.

My initial impression of this game was very high. The short few tutorial missions taught me the simple mechanics of the game and soon was competing against other players. After losing my first few I quickly learned what strategies worked well and what cards countered others. As I write this I have made it to the 4th arena – Pekka’s Playground.

This game is a lot of fun for those with a competitive spirit. There always seems to be a way for those always wanting to improve to do so. Troop placement, proper countering, and getting a resource advantage are all deeper aspects to the game for players to master.

This game does have its limits in its free-to-play aspects. Essentially as you win you gain treasure chests which are used to gain new cards and to upgrade the ones you already have. Once you’ve filled up your four slots for treasure chests you’ll have to wait until one opens to truly gain anything from playing.

The clan aspect of the game is still a little confusing to me. Besides being able to trade cards with clan-mates, I haven’t gotten much out of that part of the game. Clans do unlock the friendly match function so you can play your friends. It’s nice to be able to challenge friends.

Overall, Clash Royale is an up-tempo and exciting new game for mobile devices.  I highly recommend it.




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