32: Daredevil S2 and Fallout Automatron


Dawn of Justice previews giving good reviews

Digital trade-ins for Microsoft?

Luke Cage Teaser – Release in September 30

Daisey Ridley might be Tomb Raider

Indiana Jones 5 release 2019

Black Ops 3 adds more weapons in Supply Drops

COD Ghosts 2 confirmed


-What if Stick/Matt Murdock fell into an open grave while burying Elektra (Hilarious)

-It would have been interesting if: When Daredevil threw Nobu off the building at the end (possibly killing him) if Punisher would have shot him while in free fall therefore stopping Daredevil from crossing that line of killing someone that Punisher says you can never come back from. It didn’t seem to be necessary that Stick needed to kill Nobu.

-Punisher emblem was great I’m glad it showed up

-Daredevil Billy Club/Grappling Hook is back, which is awesome and I called it earlier in the season.

-Elektra’s death was super obvious once Daredevil said they could go hide away together

-Not sure about telling Karen about the secret identity

-I’m glad the love triangle didn’t involve Foggy, cause that would be annoying

-Punisher was pretty cool all around, I’m excited for more of him

-Punisher fight in the prison was awesome/and fighting against Kingpin was sweet

-It’s nice to see Kingpin doing some Kingpin-ning for once

-Daredevil loses his hearing for a second, which I guess happens. Reminds me of Spider-Man 2

– Is Nelson and Murdock over? A few Jessica Jones references

-At first I wasn’t too impressed with Season 2, it didn’t have the same flair as season 1, and I think that is because it wasn’t treading new ground, it was on the same tracks as season 1. But it did pick up and get better.

-Glad it wasn’t Part 1: Punisher, Part 2: Elektra They were both active storylines at the same time

-Hallway fight scene 2.0 Not as great because it was long cuts, but not all one cut

-I’m excited for the return of the Kingpin, however, at this point, Daredevil could easily take him down by himself, so something more will have to happen. It would be interesting to see him (KP) working with a group of villains and the Defenders have to take him down.

-In Season 1, there is a big (white) guy with scars on his back that Stick is talking to, almost reporting to, but that doesn’t show up in Season 2. It’s nice to see the studio with so much forethought to put a reference to Season 3 in Season 1.


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