31:Marvel’s Civil War and Playstation VR

In this episode of Underpaid Gamers Podcast Justin and Tony discuss the upcoming release of Playstation VR and its competitors. As well as Marvel’s Civil War both the comic and the new movie. Listen in for possible spoilers and a run-through of Tony’s thoughts of the differences between the comic and the movie. As always if you would like to join the coversation send us a tweet @UPgamerspodcast or an email underpaidgamerspodcast@gmail.com

Episode Notes


Ratchet and Clank Reviews in: Release Date April 14

  • Pixar-like playable videogame
  • Humour and guns
  • Reboot to the franchise
  • Return of characters (Quark)

JJ Abrams makes mistake on Star Wars 7

JJ Abrams  says Half-life and Portal movies in writing stage

Rocket League gets Basketball themed courts

Battlefront DLC Outer Rim

Men in Black/Jump Street Crossover

I guess there were Episode 8 set photos leaked. I’m not looking

Mark Hamill to reprise role as Joker in The Killing Joke animated movie

PS VR release in October for $399

Main Topics:

Playstation VR

Information released at game developer Conference in San Fransico

$399 (Oculus Rift $599, HTC Vive $799, You’ll need a powerful PC) However, the Sony price does not include move controllers or the camera which are required for use.

Releases October 2016

Games with Release 50 (Driveclub, Star Wars Battlefront, Wayward Sky, No Man’s Sky?, Eve: Valkerie,Psychonauts, Ace Combat 7, Final Fantasy 14)

Sony will treat VR headset like a console in terms of updating tech.



Kill counts of the past 3 movies (Avengers 1 and 2 and Cap: Winter Soldier)

Ironman taking responsibility after COMPLETELY HAVING NONE OF IT IN Avengers 2

Airport fight in Germany


In Trailer: Rumored Peter Parker home (Cap is in) signalling a change of heart for

I also think it ends with Bucky/Cap fighting Ironman alone in cold place (Russia?)

Bucky is in chamber in Russia, Captain America is there to release him, Ironman shows up, fight ensues. (Beginning, middle or end of movie) Keep in mind that there is the highway scene and airport scene where Winter Soldier is present.

“You just started a war” -Tony in Russia

Tony Stark has black eye when being shown the prison, so this happens after a fight with Cap/Bucky

Underwater prison = Negative zone (Ironman prison for people who won’t sign up)

Tony Stark also has black eye in the airport scene where Roadie was “killed”

It almost looks as though Ironman has black eye before Russia meet up so maybe someone got a sucker punch on him

Winter Soldier intended to shoot Ironman in the face, but the watch hand saves him –

Then he punches him in the face

Bucky doesn’t shoot War Machine

Movie might open with UN explosion

Black Widow/Shield shows up

Black Widow calls Cap to have him “stay out of this one”

Scarlet Witch immobilizes Vision


War Machine = Goliath = turning point of Spider-Man which means the airport fight is in the middle of the movie

Ant-Man jumps off Hawkeye arrow. Rumored to be Giant Man!


Spider-Man has the Ironman upgraded suit


Baron Zemo on cast list (villain behind everything) – Daniel Bruhl

Cap jumps through window at IFID- Institute for Infectious Diseases –  In Africa

Crossbones is attacking IFID

Crossbones fights Cap in Market, possible Africa IFID

Bucky arm in vice when? In beginning of the movie, after UN explosion?

I assume Falcon and Cap go looking for Bucky

Essentially, trailer paints Ironman as a good guy making heroes register because they are “no better than the bad guys”

Death and future events:
Who dies? I’ve heard rumor of three deaths, but who knows

  • Ironman gets beat an inch from his death in the comics
  • Roadie appears dead in trailer
  • Cap dies in the comic directly preceding this event (by Crossbones). He also has a 6 movie deal with Marvel, this being his 5th. His death could also be a catalyst for the Avengers team to stop fighting and get their stuff together.
  • Bucky looks like his arm is cut off HOWEVER when Cap dies Bucky takes up the mantle, and have you seen him without long hair? He’s ruggedly handsome! Just like Chris Evans!

The Infinity Gauntlet can literally do anything, so whichever MAIN character dies, will be brought back 100%.

Russo Brothers confirm at least one end-credits scene with a max of 3. -Forbes


Black Panther hates Tony Stark and give allegiance to Cap after Goliath dies

Vision clearly on Cap’s team

Most of Ironman’s team is the Thunderbolts

Hank Pymm on Ironman’s Team

Ironman within one punch of his life, Captain America realizes the effect the fight is having on the city and surrenders to the NYPD.

The Initiative is a plan to create superhero teams for every state, some old, some new, some created

Door 42 is still in use as a prison

Some heroes move to Canada for freedom in heroing

Some of Cap’s team is still underground fighting for Superhero freedom including Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman

Ironman’s Team “wins”

Tony Stark become director of Shield to protect hero identities.


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